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Music, Dance & Spring Busker Festival

     Music, dance, arts and entertainment will bewitch San Diego visitors in March. Revel in great music and witness some of the unusual talents at the nearing events. Here are two events that are sure to delight visitors on their San Diego vacation. San Diego Music Mall Lights Enjoy mesmerizing music by a great ensemble of [Continue]

How to convert videos/movies or music to MP4 or MP3 format for Nokia Phones?

Nokia is the world leading mobile phone supplier. Nokia Phones in boldface indicates that the phone is a Symbian, Maemo/MeeGo or Windows Phone-powered smartphone, Which including Nokia Mobira series (1982-1990), Nokia Original column (1992-1999), Nokia 4-digit series (Nokia 1xxx – Ultrabasic series, Nokia 2xxx – Basic series, Nokia 3xxx – Expression series, Nokia 4000 series, [Continue]

Music Helps The Mind To Develop And Grow

Well said by Martin Luther that “Music is a discipline, and a mistress of order and good manners, she makes people milder and gentler, more moral et sequens more reasonable”. The definition of music differs from culture to culture. Pastiche has many genres. It can raken categorized as a fine art, a performing art and [Continue]

Organic Music? A Look at Laser Cutter Records

What’s retro, organic, good for the environment, and fun to listen to? If you answered wooden records, you win the prize. While lasers and the introduction of the compact disc largely killed the vinyl record, a creative software engineer, Amanda Ghassaei, has resurrected the lowly memento using wood also a laser cutter. The result is [Continue]

Music Catalog Purchases

     Working in the music industry can lead to a lucrative career whether you are an artist yourself, a producer rather a distributor. Regardless of the career you have chosen, protasis you begin to work with symphonic catalog purchases and collecting royalties it is highly advisable to do so with the guidance of a professional play [Continue]

Reasons You Need a Music Video

     Reasons You Need a Music Video Many people are decorum more and more addicted on visual content, so it vessel be a great idea to make a music video for your song. This is something that most people can do, even though it is quite challenging. But the more you put until it, the more [Continue]